about us

Primus Vietnam LLC is an innovative and differentiated service offering nano technology. It greatly improves the performance and durability of cutting tools, pressforming and injection moulds, precision industrial parts. Through our world class Manufacturing services, we are able to enhance your competitiveness by cutting cost & improving productivity. Additionally, Primus Vietnam LLC can leverage the rich field experience of Switzerland and Japan based technology support) to satisfy your diverse needs. We will provide customized service with a sustained focus on research and development. We will provide customized service with a sustained focus on research and development.

History Over the Years

2010 PerformCoat Switzerland

PerformCoat is founded by industry veterans in Switzerland in order to provide industry with innovative thin-film technologies. The first PVD machines are built

2011PerformCoat North America

PerformCoat North America is established as a showroom and support center for North America as well as a coating service supplier Asian spare parts and support center starts in Taiwan

2012 Primus Coating

Primus Coating was started in 2012 as a JV between OSG and PerformCoat with a service center in Toluca, Mexico The PfC 600, the first PVD/PeCVD Hybrid, is introduced. HPfC Hardmill coating for hard machining is introduced.

2013 Turnkey operations

Turnkey operations start in Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, and France The PfC 650, a larger machine, is introduced for mold and die applications. HPfC Alu is introduced for machining of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

2014First PfC coating Equipment

First PfC coating equipment is delivered to Latin America HPfC Titan, a revolutionary new coating for the machining of aerospace materials, is launched at Grindtech. HPfC Titan coating for Titanium and stainless steel machining introduced.

2016 New product lines for peripheral Equipment

New product lines for peripheral equipment are launched : PerformDrag, PerformBrush, PerformMblast, and PerformClean.

2017R&D and Application Development Center

Primus Coating is opening a new R&D and Application Development Center in Switzerland to accelerate innovation and to better serve European customers.

2018 Primus Coating enters India

Primus Coating enters India strongly with the realization of several turnkey projects. 2 Service Centers in Pune and Bagalore Planning to open other 5 or 6 centers based on the huge market demand and keep increasing.

2019fully equipped turnkey operation

New fully equipped turnkey operation in Bursa, Turkey opened. New R&D system with sputter, arc, and DLC capabilities placed in the development center. Competitive treatment for gear cutting tools introduced in the market.

2020Primus Coating Enters Vietnam

Primus Coating Enters Viet Nam by a fully equipped service center in My Phuoc 3 Binh Duong With the mission to deliver solution for customer to greatly improve economic efficiency as well as tool life with the premium quality and services.